Trauma Informed Care

Trauma comes in many forms - abuse, poverty, bullying and divorce are just a few of them. As individuals working closely with children, it's important for us to understand trauma and its effect on children who have experienced or are currently experiencing trauma. This is called Trauma Informed Care. At the Ready.Set.READ! Summit on September 17, 2019, Dr. Colleen Lelli delivered a keynote address focused on this issue. The keynote was followed by breakout sessions that addressed trauma informed care in different areas of our community. Below you will find the slides to Dr. Lelli's keynote and two of the breakout sessions. 

Keynote Address by Dr. Colleen Lelli: Trauma Informed Care

Tutor Training by the Mifflin Park Elementary Trauma Team: Trauma's Impact on the Brain

Breakout Session by Joanne Troutman of Susquehanna Valley United Way: Engaging Community Partners in Trauma Work


For more information on Trauma Informed Care, contact Cindy Line, Ready.Set.READ! Director, at