Star Readers

Star Readers is the volunteer tutoring component of the Ready.Set.READ! Initiative. Star Readers partners with participating schools, teachers and parents in Berks County to provide supplemental tutoring assistance to struggling early grade readers.

No experience in the field of education is required to become a Star Readers Volunteer Tutor; however, retired educators are especially welcome! If you have any questions about this program, please contact Darby Wiekrykas at or 610-685-4574.

Click here to see the current list of tutoring locations, dates and times. (please note: 2nd Semester Dates and Times are TBA)


Volunteer Application


What Happens During Star Readers?

After some brief training, tutors will work with one 2nd grade student or one 1st grade student starting the second semester to help them improve their reading skills. During a tutoring session volunteer tutors work with students to reinforce what the students are learning in the classroom. Tutors do this by reading with students, practicing ‘sight words,’ and completing other literacy activities as outlined by the student’s teacher. Tutors are supported by a Star Readers School Coordinator at each school site. Tutors are given tutor bags filled with materials such as books and a whiteboard, to facilitate tutoring.

My Star Readers Tutoring Experience

Some of our current volunteers share their experiences with helping children in Berks County become better readers.



Star Readers Volunteer Tutor Requirements

*We ask volunteers to commit to one hour each week for the length of the academic year.

However, we do understand that you may need to miss a couple of tutoring sessions throughout the year. Tutoring on a bi-weekly schedule with a partner, rather than weekly, may be an option for tutors at certain sites.
If you are interested in tutoring but feel unsure of making the commitment, please contact us and we can help you to find the perfect Ready.Set.READ! volunteer opportunity for you.
  • First, volunteers must complete the Online Registration Form
  • Volunteers must complete three clearance forms before they may begin tutoring. Read more about the required clearances and find helpful guidance. We strongly recommend that you begin the clearance process immediately after submitting your volunteer registration!
  • *Volunteer tutors must attend one two-hour training session that occurs before the start of the semester.  These training sessions include information on tutoring, working with early-grade students and other important Star Readers logistical information. Multiple dates and times are offered for each training that will be announced ahead of time.
  • Volunteer tutors must attend one brief school orientation at the school at which they tutor.