OCIC Background and Timeline

OCIC Background

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United Way of Berks County serves as the backbone organization for the Oakbrook Collective Impact Council (OCIC). The goal of the Council is to prioritize the identified needs and coordinate collaborative efforts to respond to what Oakbrook residents identified as their critical issues. Since this work began in 2017, considerable strides have been made:

June 2017:

The door-to-door survey was completed in and results shared to the community. 50 people, representing 24 organizations, and also community residents, attending meeting at the Data Walk.

May 2018:

The OCIC identified the overview of the common agenda and identified the seven key take aways and themes.

June 2018:

The root causes were identified; based on OCIC decisions to focus on food and education.

August 2018:

The three categories under education and food insecurity were indentified.

September 2018:

The Council agreed on preamble statements and also problem statements (what are we going to work on and why). The Coucil voted to focus on the top two issues (Education awareness/knowledge and Food insecurity/access).