The Roadmap

Through the collaborative efforts of our volunteers and analyzing our progress, we've developed the framework of a comprehensive roadmap to guide our efforts and achieve our goal.  Stay tuned as further details of these strategies are developed and implemented in the coming months.

Provide supplemental support to students (grades K-3) who are struggling to be proficient readers

Outcome: Students will read at grade level 

 Initial Key Strategies:

  • Trained volunteers will partner with schools, teachers and parents to provide supplemental tutoring assistance to at-risk or struggling students
  • Structured summer learning opportunities will be available to ensure reading achievement is retained or enhanced



Support language and pre-literacy development in young children

(Birth - Pre-K)

Outcome: Children will be prepared to learn to read at grade level 


 Initial KeyStrategy:

  • Develop alternative early childhood literacy-focused programs for children on waiting lists for Head Start and other structured education programs

  Support parents and other caregivers to help their children develop,

read and learn

Outcome: Parents will be empowered to be their child's first teacher and advocate for their educational needs


Initial Key Strategies:

  • Partner with pediatric practices to use Well-Child Visits to build parents' knowledge and provide children with age-appropriate, new books
  • Engage Latino parents in culturally-appropriate programs to help them support their child's language and literacy development


  Mobilize the community to take collaborative action to improve early grade reading success in Berks County


  • The community will understand and value the importance of early grade reading success
  • Individuals and organizations will give, advocate and volunteer in support of Ready. Set. READ! strategies 


Initial Key Strategies:

  • Hold a highly visible, community-wide Ready. Set. READ! event focused on reading with, to and by children
  • Engage the community in collecting quality, age-appropriate new and/or used children's books as critical resources for other key strategies